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Police: 10111
Police Service: 056 811 2500
Ambulance: 056 811 5834
Fire Brigade: 056 811 5834
Traffic: 056 811 5834
Hospital: 056 816 2100

Police Service: 016 970 1031/2
Hospital: 016 970 9400

Hospital: 016 971 9000

The Barrage:
Police Service: 016 987 6720/61/62

Police Service: 016 910 9000/46
Cormed: 016 981 8080/1
Emfuleni Medi Clinic: 016 950 8000/111

ER24: 084 124
Netcare 911: 082 911

Explore River Lodge Estate with Us

At River Lodge Estate, we offer a relaxing lifestyle with a bit of sport and leisure. Enjoy nature at its finest, with animal trials, watersports, exotic animal sighting and more. At River Lodge Estate you enjoy the way life is supposed to be, relaxing and calm.

Enjoy animal life, some beautiful drives, some amazing watersports and more!

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A Night in Parys

The unique surrounding in which the town of Parys is situated, had its origin roughly around 2000 million years ago when a giant meteorite struck the earth just south east of Vredefort in the Free State Province . The impact structure that was subsequently formed has come to be known as the Vredefort Dome, the oldest and largest meteorite impact site on earth, measuring about 200km in diameter.


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The Largest Meteorite

Site in the World

The meteorite impact that happened in the Free State made a crater that was about 300 km wide (from Johannesburg to Welkom!). Read More.

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