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Published: 16 Oct 2017

Gevlekte Speg/Green-backed Woodpecker

Die Gevlekte speg (Campethera cailliautii) is ‘n skaars tot algemene standvoël van woudrand, rivierbos, breëblaarboomveld en ruigtes. Die voël is 15 – 18 cm groot en weeg 35 – 46 gram. In Engels staan die voël bekend as die Green-backed Woodpecker.

The green-backed woodpecker or little spotted woodpecker (Campethera cailliautii), is a species of bird in the family Picidae. It is native to large parts of tropical central Africa. It has an extremely wide range and is an uncommon species, and the International Union for Conservation of Nature has rated its conservation status as being of “least concern“.  The green-backed woodpecker grows to a length of about 16 cm (6.3 in). The male has a scarlet crown flecked with black and a bright red nape. The female has a blackish crown spotted with white, and a red nape. Both sexes have green upper parts, spotted with cream or yellow, and buff or white underparts, boldly spotted with black, and flanks barred with black. The tail is green with individual feathers having brownish shafts. There is a white supercilium, the eye ring is grey, the iris chestnut, the beak grey tipped with black and the legs and feet grey or olive. The juvenile is similar to the female in appearance, although the nape may have little red.

Published: 16 Oct 2017