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Published: 13 Oct 2017

Kaapse Glasogie/Cape white-eye

Die Kaapse glasogie (Zosterops capensis of Zosterops pallidus capensis) is ‘n algemene standvoël in boomveld, woude, ruigtes, plantasies en tuine. Die voël is 11 cm groot en weeg 11 gram. In Engels staan die voël bekend as die Cape White-eye.

Volgens sekere bronne is die voël ‘n spesie op sy eie, maar volgens ander is dit ‘n subspesie van Zosterops pallidus (die Gariepglasogie).

The Cape white-eye (Zosterops virens) is a small passerine bird in the white-eye family. It is native to southern Africa.

This species is about 12 cm long with rounded wings, strong legs, and a conspicuous ring of white feathers round the eyes. The upperparts are green, and the throat and vent are bright yellow. The members of the Z. v. capensis has a grey breast and belly, whereas Z. v. virens has a greenish-yellow breast and belly.

They are very vocal, and constantly keep in touch with soft trilled peepree or pirreee callnotes. The song consists of repeated long jerky phrases of sweet reedy notes, varying in pitch, volume and temp, usually starting off with teee teee or pirrup pirrup notes, then becoming a fast rambled jumble of notes, which may incorporate mimicked phrases of other birdcalls.

Published: 13 Oct 2017