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Published: 13 Oct 2017

Kuifkopvisvanger/Malachite Kingfisher

Die kuifkopvisvanger (Alcedo cristata) is ‘n algemene standvoël van Afrika.  Dit is ‘n klein visvanger, 13 tot 14 cm in lengte. Die kleur van die boonste gedeelte is ‘n helder glansende blou. Die kop het ‘n kort kuif soos ‘n mussie bestaande uit swart en turkoois vere met ‘n lang, reguit rooi bek. Jonges het swart snawels en is valer.

The malachite kingfisher (Corythornis cristatus) is a river kingfisher which is widely distributed in Africa south of the Sahara. It is largely resident except for seasonal climate-related movements.

The malachite kingfisher was described by the German naturalist Peter Simon Pallas in 1764 and given the binomial name Alcedo cristata.[2][3][4] The specific epithet cristata is from the Latin cristatus meaning “crested” or “plumed”.[5] The adjective “malachite” in the vernacular name normally refers to the dark green colour of the copper containing mineral.[6] This kingfisher has blue upperparts but has black banding with pale blue or greenish-blue on its forehead.[7]

A molecular phylogenetic study published in 2007 confirmed that the most closely related species is the Malagasy kingfisher, (Corythornis vintsioides).[8] The Malagasy kingfisher has a black bill and greenish crest, and is not quite as dependent on water as the African species. It is otherwise similar in plumage and behaviour to the more widespread malachite kingfisher.[9] The São Tomé kingfisher and the Príncipe kingfisher were sometimes considered as distinct species but a study published in 2008 showed that they are both subspecies of the malachite kingfisher.

Published: 13 Oct 2017