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Published: 13 Oct 2017

Witgat Spreeu/Pied Starling

Die Witgatspreeu (Lamprotornis bicolor) is ‘n endemiese algemene standvoël in grasveld en Karoobossieveld. Hulle kom dikwels in swerms voor en soms saam met lelspreeus. Die voël is 27 cm groot en weeg 94 – 112 gram. In Engels staan die voël bekend as die Pied starling.

The pied starling or African pied starling, (Lamprotornis bicolor) is a bird endemic to South AfricaLesotho and Swaziland. It is common in most of its range, but largely absent from the arid northwest and the eastern lowlands of South Africa. It is found in open habitats such as grassland, karoo scrub, thornbush and agricultural land, and often associates with farm animals.

The adult of this 27–28 cm (11 in) long starling has mainly dully glossed black plumage except for a white lower belly and undertail. It has a white iris and yellow lower mandible. The sexes are alike, but the juvenile has unglossed plumage, a brown iris and a dull yellow lower mandible. There are no subspecies. This species has a number of calls, but the most familiar is a skeer kerrra kerrra. There is also a soft warbling song.


Published: 13 Oct 2017